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Hey, we’re Digital Hatch. We’re determined, direct and resolute about your success online. Check out what differentiates us from other local design agencies below.

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Relax, programming doesn’t have to be intimidating or overly costly. To keep pricing competitive, most of our staff works remotely and we pass the savings onto you. Additionally, the majority are native English speakers and all follow our stringent coding standards.


Design that can inspire trust, credibility  and brand awareness? Check. Maybe you just need custom graphics within a few days time? No problem. We are masters of digital and can design from scratch or even fully customize an existing template of your choosing based on your budget and project needs.


Specializing in local + national SEO (search engine optimization), we work tirelessly on our client’s sites: improving user-metrics, increasing referral traffic and even tweaking conversions. Let’s talk about your specific needs and how we can make you more profitable today.


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Changing Shape

Website Design And Digital Marketing


During the creation of this user-friendly website we strived to create the website our clients envisioned. We aimed to create a website that is easy to navigate and would contain a large quantity of high quality content to drive customer engagement. We carried this out with the expertise and efficiency of our design and programming team. The websites design has an easy to use navigation system and high quality colour scheme that will drive users to check out which services our client has to offer.

Digital Marketing

We also conducted a large and thorough digital marketing campaign in order to increase the organic rankings of the website. In order to do this our expert marketing team carried out a series of digital marketing strategies. First we made a content strategy plan, and then we implemented it to a high standard using informative content and relevant keywords. Next we conducted a link building campaign to increase the number of backlinks and therefore the overall search ranking of the page. The results were amazing, our SEO increased the rankings of and we had 300% recovery from the post panda update. The website now ranks highly for several keywords, for example the keyword ‘2500 calorie diet’ has had 1333 impressions and a 33.46% click through rate.

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Dark Star Tattoos

Dark Star Tattoos


When designing the website we followed a design criteria laid down by our client. The client asked for a tattoo website with a nautical feel to it, and with that we set out on our mission to design a user-friendly and clean website. The design was implemented quickly by our professional team of web design masters using HTML5 and CSS3. We implemented features such as:

  • Video integration
  • Fully functioning navigation bar using animations
  • Gallery full of content
  • Carousel for homepage


After designing the website we set out to provide functionality in the website using jQuery, Javascript and PHP. Our highly skilled team of programmers did the work efficiently and to a high standard. The website originally was too slow, so we set out to improve this by changing their host to Digital Ocean. We fully set up the web server and noticed a large website speed improvement of 28 seconds.

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PA Distinctive Homes

Website Design And Digital Marketing


In this project we implemented, designed and conducted a digital marketing campaign for a company that sells properties in a range of locations. During the development of this website we considered many important factors for the website’s success. The first task was the design of the website which had to be clean and easy to use for potential buyers. We implemented a simple navigation bar with links to relevant parts of the website for ease of use. We strived to design a website that would intrigue visitors and promote calls to action for the website, therefore leading to potential customers.

Digital Marketing

With the design done we then worked on digital marketing using a variety of techniques. First we optimised the titles and description of the pages with relevant keywords for the website. Next our highly talented marketing team started putting important keywords in the main content of the pages. After this we conducted a thorough and comprehensive link building campaign to increase the ranking of the page on the SERP(Search Engine Results Page).

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See our work for PA Distinctive Homes

The Bouqs

Digital Marketing

In this project we where assigned to do a digital marketing job for a florist company. We dedicated ourselves to doing a thorough job and set a number of tasks in order to improve SEO of the website. Our dedicated and professional SEO team worked hard and efficiently to do the tasks we needed to complete in order for the website to gain more organic traffic. Some of the things we did include a comprehensive safe link building campaign, optimising the tittle tags and optimising their content for press release. During the link building campaign we focused on getting back-links in related and high ranking websites so mostly  floral websites and gardening communities.

Business Opportunity

Website Design And Programming

We selected a easy to use design jam packed with useful content for the user to read. We carefully placed useful links in easily visible parts of the page for example we placed the most useful links in the navigation bar to increase the number of CTA (Calls to action). Our extremely competent team of front-end web developers implemented the interface. Next we implemented functionality in the website by programming login systems and database searching capabilities in PHP.

Digital Marketing

For ‘Business Opportunity’ we implemented analytic improvements and conversion tracking in order for the company to view more in detail about the users web page activities. Not only did we do this our professional digital marketing devised and implemented a content strategy plan. Along with the on-page optimisation we also did a comprehensive and complete link building campaign to increase the rankings of the website.

Regan Bail


In this project we where tasked to create a website for a bail bond loan company. It was imperative to create an easy to use and clean interface for the website as it would need to represent the professional nature of the business in order to promote calls to action and increase the chance of a potential client. We implemented a clean white design and a navigation bar with links to all essential information for potential buyers. Our professional team designed and implemented a professional looking website with animations and a brilliant design.

Digital Marketing


Our extremely talented team of digital marketers implemented a comprehensive SEO plan. This plan included jobs like video optimisation which we implemented by optimising video titles with relevant keywords and by optimising content around the video. Another job we completed was implementing rich snippet markup in the website for search engines to display more informative results.

Local SEO

During the development we focused on local SEO tactics such as NAP(Name Address Phone),citation and Geo Tagging. We needed to increase organic traffic from the surrounding area as it is for the Washington state so we will need to optimise the website to appear more often for people in that certain area. The local SEO tactics will increase the number of relevant people arriving at the website.

Dahlia Wolf

Digital Marketing

In this audit we where assigned to perform a digital marketing job for a fashion company. Our team performed a full and detailed analysis of the website using a predefined check list of objectives needed in order to increase the ranking of the webpage. We provided the company with a in-depth SEO analysis of the website. With this we provided a clear and coherent action plan to improve the seo of the website.

Original Sprout

Digital Marketing

For this project we where assigned to do digital marketing job for a company called Original Sprout who sell vegan skin and hair products. In order to do this we first did keyword research in order to find relevant keyword with low competition. Our next step was to perform a large scale safe link building campaign in order to increase the rankings of the website on the Search Engine Result Page. Due to the website having multiple regions we did local SEO on the web page for regions such as hawaii.

Web Design

Website Styling

For our talented and experienced design team aimed to create a great crowdfunding launch page that is both informative and visually appealing. We went through several design stages to get the look we believe the potential investors would enjoy. Using the all the information at our disposal we designed a web page that would attract the target audience. We have currently included a countdown that signifies the launch of the crowdfunding campaign and a button at the top of the website for potential investors to register interest.

Web Video

In order to market the crowdfunding campaign launch we devised a video to try and get users interested. In order to do this we first introduce the product and then go on to explain in detail the features of the product. The video is highly informative and amazing in quality, consisting of eye catching and mesmerizing animations. In order for this video to be viewed by as many people as possible we have placed the video at the top of the page as we believe it will promote further calls to action such as registering interest.

Digital Marketing

In order for the users to discover the website we will need to perform varying degrees of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) in order for more organic users to reach website for the correct keywords so we can have a higher interest in Our extremely talented marketing team will perform the various optimizations to their best standard for the crowdfunding project. Not only will organic digital marketing be done. We will also run a comprehensive ad-words campaign in order to obtain the correct amount of publicity needed for this project.


Our team will run the crowdfunding campaign and will also market the features of the product on the crowdfunding website in order to show more about the project to someone who wants to invest.

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There is much to do. Branding yourself and your company online is mission critical for most businesses nowadays. But where do you start?

First, you need a professional website. A website that stands out, outranks your competition and that your audience can navigate with ease. That website must also tell your story, quickly and speak to your target demographic with intention.

You might even need some new design work performed. That new logo you’ve been envisioning, further strengthening your brand and its appearance online.

You also need stellar original content and graphics. That content should speak further to your audience, targeting niche’ keyword terms and helping your site rank higher on Google and the other major search engines. But, what exactly is all this SEO stuff you keep hearing about? Better yet, where do you even get started with this list of needs?

Digital Hatch can answer the call of your business development, design, and marketing needs. Simply put, we have the expertise to help your business shine. Are you worried about how much this will all cost? Worry not. With three separate plans to choose from in each area, there is something to fit your budget.

The team at Digital Hatch can provide you with the digital products you need. No gimmicks. No delays. We will never try to upsell you on something that you don’t need. Honesty and integrity are our mottoes. Helping you stand out against your competition is how we roll. Let us take the worry of branding off your hands and show you what Digital Hatch can do for you.

To get started, give us a call today at (360) 601-0482.

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